Prioritising & Planning 31st July 2018  2 hours free training session

Prioritising & Planning 31st July 2018 

9.00 am until 11.00am 

This is a basic time management course for anyone who would benefit from help with prioritising and planning their workload. 

Prioritising and planning are crucial elements required by everyone in their business and personal life. Without planning your time and prioritising what is important to you, it is impossible to identify with the activities that are most productive. Where we are not focused on the elements that make us effective, we can begin to waste time and energy on the myriad of mundane tasks that tend to appear and this can lead to stress and anxiety. 

This short training course will provide you with an awareness of the areas that you can improve in your day to day planning, as well as giving you some tips for dealing with popular time management issues. 

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Spaces are limited to ten per session and 2 persons per company. One session per company. 

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