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 Suitable for

 This course is suitable for anyone responsible for setting up and maintaining a basic website.

 Course Objectives

 This course will give you the skills and knowledge required by an IT user to select and use a wide range of intermediate website software tools and techniques to produce multiple-page websites.

Create Structures and styles for websites

  • Plan and create web page templates to layout

  • Select and use website features and structures to help the user navigate round web pages within the site

  • Create, select and use styles to keep the appearance of web pages consistent and make them easy to understand

  • Store and retrieve files effectively, in line with local guidelines and conventions where available


Use website tools to prepare content for websites

  • Organise and combine information needed for web pages including across different software

  • Select and use appropriate editing and formatting techniques to aid both clarity and navigation

  • Select and use appropriate development techniques to link information across pages

  • Change the file formats appropriately for content

  • Check web pages meet needs, using IT tools and making corrections as necessary


Publish a website

  • Select and use appropriate testing methods to check that all elements of websites are working as planned

  • Identify any quality problems with websites and how to respond to them

  • Select and use an appropriate programme to upload and publish the website

  • Respond appropriately to problems with multiple page websites.


4 Days


 You can purchase a ticket to the course for £360+20%VAT

If you would like to attend for free we do require you to complete registration to check eligibility.

Please Leave a phone number when placing a free admission booking so we can contact you and take you through registration.



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