July 18


09:30 am - 02:30 pm

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Poole, BH14 9NB

Poole, England, GB, BH14 9NB

Terrorism Modules.

1) What is Terrorism

2) Psychological impact and fear 

3) Perpetrated for a political goal

4) Deliberate targeting of non- combatants

5) Unlawfulness or illegitimacy

15 minute break

6) Types or Terrorism 

7) Tactics

8) History of Terrorism within the UK

9) NACTSO (what is it and CPNI)

10) Response to Terrorism 

11) Anti Terror organizations 


12) Project Griffin- Emergency deployment

13) What is an IED and device types

14) Pipe bombs, Letter bomb.

15) Nail bombs and impact bombs

16) Incendiary (fire) bomb

15 minute break

17) Chemical attacks + Biological

18) Cycle of attack

19) Soft/ hard targets

20) Control point set up

21) Search procedures

22) Safer approach

23) Identifying the Enemy


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