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Best Training


BEST Training - Winton

1 Crimea Road, Bournemouth, BH9 1AP

Bournemouth, England, GB, BH9 1AP

 Suitable for

 This course is suitable for supervisors, team leaders and managers.

 Course Objectives

  • Identify how barriers to building relationships can be overcome by recognising attitude and behaviours in themselves and others

  • Explain the importance of trust in a relationship and identify methods of developing trust

  • Recognise the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours and how these impact on relationships

 Course Content

 What is a Relationship?Determining what a relationship is and discussing methods of overcoming barriers in building relationships.

Transactional Analysis Introducing transactional analysis and examining how our behaviours trigger behaviours in others and vice versa.

Betari’s BoxThe link between attitude and behaviour in communication and how a circle of negativity can easily form…or, break the link and make it positive!

The OK Corral Giving relationships the best chance of succeeding by exploring personal feelings and considering others.

Building TrustExamining how trust plays a major part in building and maintaining relationships and where opportunities exist to build trust. How to build trust and what approach is needed to make a relationship work.

Using Assertive BehaviourStudying how assertive behaviour impacts on building relationships and identifying the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour.


2 Days


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