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09:30 am - 02:30 pm

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Suitable for:

This course is suitable for Managers.

Course Objectives

  • Plan, anticipate and avoid crisis where possible

  • Manage the reputation of your organisation when crisis occurs

  • Respond appropriately to crisis

  • Address issues of online reputation

  • Develop tools that will help support your crisis management plan

Course Content

Types of Crisis – An examination of the types of crisis that can befall an organisation. This is will help you to understand the potential for crisis within your organisation and what vulnerabilities there are.

Stakeholder Identification & Analysis Crisis management is all about keeping stakeholders informed and engaged while mitigating the impact of the crisis on them. This session helps identify who the stakeholders are, how they need to be kept informed during a crisis and mapping the relationship.

Crisis Prevention –This section covers the different audit reviews an organisation should make. Where an audit review document already exists, you will be encouraged to review your own version.

Crisis Planning You are provided with a structured list of the contents of a full crisis planning document, which explains each requirement, what should be included and why.

Crisis Strategy Checklist This is a key document that should be included in with the crisis planning documentation. We provide this and review how to use it and what the benefits are.

Crisis Response When crisis occurs, it’s imperative that employees know how to respond. This session looks at the key elements to an effective crisis response.

Demonstrating Credibility Using a simple process to identify what to say and how to say it.

Dealing with the Media A key set of considerations to make when dealing with the media and a review of the alternatives to talking to the media.

Internal Communication A key element that is often overlooked. Employees are a key stakeholder and should be kept informed during a crisis. Here we explain how.

Creating a Crisis Message Providing a full description of the methodology behind formulating a crisis message.

Crisis Recovery What to do after the crisis has abated. Identifying the damage, knowing what steps to take next and taking a post-crisis review.

Online Reputation ManagementManaging damaging information provided over the internet, dealing with social media and its influence and managing online threats to your organisation.

Crisis Practice – Case Study.


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