Best Training joined Kinson Primary school to deliver Maths skills training to a great group of Mums at Kinson school. The Mums wanted to improve their own Maths qualifications so that they were better equipped to support their children with their homework.

Kinson Primary school and these dedicated Mums were the first school/parent group in Dorset to follow the on-line learning route to improved Maths qualifications!

They are the Dorset trail-blazers and have been followed across the County by Chickerell School in Weymouth and now Talbot primary in Poole. All the Parents Best Training have supported have the same wish – to be better equipped to support their Children’s learning.

The Mum’s started their on-line learning with Best Training, fulfilling the majority of their learning at home but with the weekly support of classes with a Best Training Tutor. By February the group was embarking on their final examinations and all who completed the learning gained their new qualifications, ranging from entry Level three to Level Two (GCSE equivalent A-C Grades!).

Best training were absolutely delighted to be invited back by Kinson Primary to celebrate these fantastic successes with the Mums! There were Nationally recognised certificates from City and Guilds to award (and plenty of cake) to mark their great achievements.